dimanche 4 décembre 2011

Ultimate Noel Gallagher's Oasis songs playlist

La playlist idéale de Noel Gallagher au sein d'Oasis sur un seul CD... Il a écrit 90% des morceaux d'Oasis, mais n'en a chanté que 35, souvent reléguées au rang de B-Sides. Voici ma sélection :

Definitely Maybe (1994)
  1. Take Me Away
  2. Sad Song (Jpn Bonus & b-side Don’t Go Away)
Whatever EP (1994)
  1. Half The World Away
What's The Story Morning Glory (1995)
  1. Don’t Look Back in Anger
Be Here Now (1997)
5.     Magic Pie
6.     The Fame (b-side All Around The World)
7.     Flashbax (b-side All Around The World)
The Masterplan - A collection of B-Sides (1998)
8.     Going Nowhere (b-side StandByMe)
  1. The Masterplan
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants (2000)
  1. Where Did it All Go Wrong ?
  2. Sunday Morning Call
Heathen Chemistry (2002)
  1. Force of Nature
  2. Little by Little
Don’t Believe the Truth (2005)
  1. Mucky Fingers
  2. The Importance of Being Idle
Dig Out Your Soul (2008)
  1. Falling Down
  2. Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

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